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  • NEW: Comment / Uncomment block or line via toolbar (thx vestanpance)
  • NEW: GridView right click context menu. Collapse all, expand to 1, 2, or 3 levels. (thx vestanpance)
  • CHG: XSemmel is now distributed as portable zip (no setup.exe anymore)
  • CHG: do not auto-switch to SchemaInfo tab, in case user likes to see fragments or validation errors...
  • CHG: XsdVisualizer now shows an Xml Modified warning and will be updated on Save. (thx vestanpance)
  • FIX: do not close application if error occurred after question "Save before closing?"


  • NEW: Windows 10 supported
  • CHG: .net Framework 4.6 required


  • FIX: No longer possible to minimize Compare- and XQuery-dialogs
  • FIX: fixed some Windows 10 design issues
  • NEW: "Listening to TCP stream" window is now always on top, Mainwindow can be minimized
  • CHG: "Trim" command also under "Prettyprint". Trim prettyprints even if XML is wellformed
  • CHG: Automatically show schema info when selecting node


  • FIX: Missing icon in 'Bulk prettyprint'


  • FIX: several focus-related issues with ribbon-buttons
  • FIX: Generate XPath for attributes
  • FIX: workaround: couldn't detect wellformedness of UTF8-BOM encoded XML (can be disabled in options)
  • NEW: Minor improvements in search with Ctrl+F
  • NEW: Search'n'Replace can handle plain text
  • NEW: Copy XPath of node in XmlGridView to clipboard
  • NEW: Copy value of node in XmlGridView to clipboard


  • FIX: Issue #4: Encoding of some xml files gets detected wrong


  • FIX: Remove close tag on />
  • FIX: Hang when referenced DTD file is not accessible while checking for wellformedness
  • FIX: Resizing on large monitors
  • FIX: Question to save file if file contains only text from clipboard
  • FIX: Changing options on XPath-Tab will update the error state (tooltip and backgroundcolor) of input area
  • NEW: Link to homepage in About-box
  • NEW: Trim file (e.g. XML contained in lines of Log files), see submenu of Validation/Tidy
  • NEW: Search'n'Replace can delete found nodes
  • CHG: Prettified some icons
  • CHG: 'Search for text' (Ctrl+F) is now case-insensitive


  • FIX: "Current file has changed" seldom comes up when file was saved by Xsemmel itself
  • FIX: "expand empty tags" was sometimes offered for non-empty tags
  • FIX: Crash in Schema Visualizer if schema contains extension-base of self
  • FIX: Fixed rare crash when open file was deleted by another process
  • FIX: Sometimes black window title on Win8 with multiple displays
  • NEW: Code-completion of attributes with Ctrl+Space
  • NEW: Convert decimal to hexadecimal numbers and v.v.
  • NEW: Installer is now signed to reduce issues with Win8 SmartScreen
  • CHG: Docking framework removed


  • FIX: Some minor issues
  • NEW: Better visualisation of validation issues
  • NEW: Printing
  • CHG: Disabled Jumplist
  • CHG: updated to .net 4.5, WinXP NO LONGER SUPPORTED

Release 15-MAR-2014

Last release supporting Windows XP
  • FIX: Contextmenu in TreeView maybe permanently disabled
  • FIX: Open XML files even if they are not valid according to referenced schema
  • FIX: Open referenced XSD file even if file path contains spaces
  • FIX: Auto-complete when cursor is on apostroph
  • FIX: Some minor issues
  • NEW: remove closing tag on elements when enter '/', e.g. "<text></text>" --> enter '/' --> "<test/>"
  • NEW: code completion to expand empty tags, e.g. "<text/>" --> Ctrl+Space --> "<test></test>"
  • CHG: Improved code-completion of attributes

Release 01-MAR-2014

  • FIX: Auto-complete when cursor is on apostroph
  • FIX: use XSD file if referenced by noNamespaceLocation
  • NEW: Run External tools
  • NEW: Added ribbon-button to start search (same as Ctrl+F) to improve usability
  • NEW: Doubleclick on cursor position in statusbar opens "goto line"-dialog (same as Ctrl+G) to improve usability
  • NEW: ribbon-button to insert XML entities
  • NEW: Code completion (Ctrl+Space) for closing comments, Auto-complete of opening comment characters ("<!" --> "<!--")

Release 26-JAN-2014

  • NEW: full Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 (desktop mode) support
  • NEW: Setup optionally associates .xml-files with Xsemmel
  • FIX: AutoCompletion no longer inserts invalid closing element after empty element

Release 27-DEC-2013

  • NEW: Added "Cancel" option to dialog which appears when drag'n'dopping node in XmlTree
  • NEW: Added button "New Xsemmel window" to Xslt tab to improve usability
  • NEW: Store last values of 'Open from TCP stream' configuration
  • FIX: Fixed crash if invalid interface was specified in 'Open from TCP stream'
  • FIX: some small GUI improvements

Release 04-DEC-2013

  • NEW: If a XML file has a linked Xml Schema and the schema contains an annotation/documentation for an element, the annotation can be shown by selecting the element in TreeView and clicking 'show schema info' in context menu
  • NEW: Open from TCP stream
  • FIX: window icon of Xsd2Xml sample generator
  • FIX: Html export, fixed window title and default filename
  • FIX: several small optical improvements
  • FIX: Links in AboutBox now work
  • CHANGE: Renamed setup file to setup_xsemmel_[date].exe
  • CHANGE: bulk windows, renamed 'Process' to 'Start' to improve usability

Release 10-NOV-2013

  • FIX: Suppress error message when last opened file does not exist anymore
  • FIX: Fixed "Search next" after document change
  • NEW: configuration item to disable code completion
  • CHANGE: Reworked icon and splashscreen

Release 29-OCT-2013

  • FIX: Start search when opening search (in case something was being searched before)
  • FIX: Focus editor after open
  • FIX: Focus issue when starting search after opening document
  • NEW: Button to find next occurrence of search-string
  • CHANGE: moved button 'Bulk XPath' to 'XPath Query' to improve usability
  • CHANGE: moved 'Bulk Prettyprint' to ribbon Editor/Prettyprint dropdown menu to improve usability
  • CHANGE: Moved 'Bulk Validation' to ribbon tab 'Validation' to improve usability

Release 30-JUL-2013

  • FIX: Save as to a non-existing file works again
  • FIX: Crash when entering invalid directories in bulk operations
  • CHANGE: removed Treemap, added 'expand to level 1..5' instead
  • CHANGE: switched ribbon tabs 'Xslt' and 'Tools' to improve usability
  • CHANGE: enable Web Browser by default, removed 'toggle Web Browser' command

Release 24-JUL-2013

  • NEW: editor contextmenu: use selected text as fragment
  • NEW: Option to always prettyprint fragments
  • CHANGE: Ribbon tab 'TreeView': changed order of 'move' and 'view' to improve usability
  • CHANGE: moved ribbon group 'Show' from tab 'Tools' to 'Editor' to improve usability
  • CHANGE: If there is a selection, Prettyprint works on selected text only (useful for non-wellformed documents)
  • CHANGE: Ability to open some locked file, e.g. log files, being already used by another process

Release 26-APR-2013

  • FIX: bulk XSD validation
  • NEW: added context menu to result of bulk operations (copy, save, open in new Xsemmel)
  • CHANGE: Bulk window: progress and result automatically scroll to the end of text

Release 11-MAR-2013

  • FIX: Diff: Reset highlights when diffing multiple files
  • NEW: ask to change read-only flag when trying to save read-only file
  • CHANGE: TreeView removes whitespace in front and at the end of element content
  • CHANGE: Redesigned Search'n'Replace panel
  • CHANGE: Updated avalonEdit, PropertyTools, HtmlAgilityPack

Release 21-DEC-2012

  • FIX: Auto-completion recognized closing comment ("-->") errorously as closing XML element
  • NEW: Auto-completed apostroph characters will be taken into account when manually typing apostroph (avoids double apostrophs)
  • CHANGE: Show first opened filename in main window's title

Release 28-OCT-2012

  • FIX: Consecutive saving of new documents
  • NEW: Trim apostroph (") in filenames to be compatible with Windows Explorer's "Copy as path" feature
  • NEW: Added "xslt" as file type in "save as"-dialog

Release 20-SEP-2012

  • FIX: Open empty files from other Xsemmel instances
  • FIX: Code Completion whith elements only differing in last letter
  • FIX: Inserting <!-- when Code Completion is active
  • FIX: other minor fixes
  • NEW: Convert Base64 strings

Release 22-JUL-2012

  • FIX: XSD ribbon tab: enable elements not until xsd visualizer is active
  • FIX: Auto-Close of element names with special characters
  • FIX: last character was double inserted when code completion proposal was entered manually
  • FIX: Auto-close when entering a closing element
  • FIX: update occurence highlighting when document changes
  • FIX: other minor fixes
  • NEW: status bar: show xsd filename in tooltip even if xsd is invalid
  • NEW: re-added contextmenu to treeView
  • NEW: Expand/Collapse all foldings in contextmenu of editor
  • NEW: Copy XPath keeps syntax highlighting
  • NEW: Xsd-mode: Select xml file to validate
  • CHANGE: XPath: visualize that when text selected, only the selected text will be executed as XPath
  • CHANGE: status bar: format text length
  • CHANGE: TreeView: apply filter restyled; added remove filter button
  • CHANGE: better feedback in bulk processing dialogs

Release 15-JUL-2012

  • NEW: small improvements

Release 07-JUL-2012

  • FIX: Automatically insert closing element
  • FIX: crash when entering </>
  • FIX: PrettyPrint doesn't preserve whitespace anymore
  • NEW: Navigate to next element with CtrlAltRight
  • NEW: XSLT support improved

Release 01-JUL-2012

  • FIX: Memory leak when using user-defined XPath-functions
  • NEW: Possibility to define mappings for XSD files referenced by noNamespaceSchemaLocation
  • CHANGE: reload xsd location after saving XML document

Release 16-JUN-2012

  • FIX: don't show #whitespace in Fragment-GridView
  • FIX: Object disposed-exception after opening XML from clipboard
  • FIX: Input of { on german keyboard layouts
  • NEW: "Open from clipboard" in quick access bar
  • NEW: Bracket matching in XPath input field
  • CHANGE: XPath-Results reworked
  • CHANGE: Improved bracket matching

Release 10-JUN-2012

  • FIX: very long lines (>1000 chars) break performance
  • NEW: better support for large XML files
  • NEW: added links to XML references
  • NEW: List of recently opened files

Release 02-JUN-2012

  • FIX: some minor fixes in code completion
  • FIX: Problems with UTF8 encoding
  • FIX: Problems writing config file
  • NEW: Create new file

Release 10-MAY-2012

  • FIX: fixed crash when editing XSD file in external process while it is used for validating
  • FIX: better error message if xsd file is invalid
  • FIX: removed annoying reload question after file saving
  • NEW: Bulk pretty print
  • NEW: delete selected TreeView-node
  • CHANGE: Improved Bulk validate and bulk XPath
  • some minor changes

Release 30-APR-2012

  • FIX: TreeView: Drag'n'Drop issue when selecting the last item in tree
  • FIX: Windows XP
  • NEW: 'Open in new Xsemmel' in Fragment-Contextmenu
  • NEW: Show length of current document in editor's statusbar
  • NEW: Option to open last opened file or clipboard content at startup
  • NEW: Setup delivers example XPathFunctions.cs to be used in XPath queries
  • NEW: Tidy non-wellformed XML

Release 21-APR-2012

  • FIX: Do not show #whitespace in GridView
  • NEW: Editor shows folded text in tooltip when hovering
  • NEW: Highlight all occurrences of word under cursor with F11
  • NEW: Highlight current line in editor
  • NEW: Search for text with Ctrl+F
  • NEW: Go to line with Ctrl+G
  • NEW: TreeView: Copy code of selected node to clipboard
  • NEW: Configuration: Change font size of editor
  • NEW: Configuration: Specify if Splashscreen shall be shown
  • NEW: Check if current file is being changed by external process

Release 16-APR-2012

  • FIX: Open arbitrary files
  • FIX: Expand/Callapse all if there is no valid XML file
  • NEW: Open result of Xsd2Xml in new window
  • CHANGE: Floating windows are maximizable
  • CHANGE: Restyled xsd2xml window

Release 10-APR-2012

  • FIX: Crash when opening "Buld validate" and "Xml Generator"
  • FIX: Lot of encoding-related bugs
  • NEW: Move up/down node in TreeView
  • NEW: Drag'n'Drop items in Tree
  • CHANGE: Reworked Ribbon design
  • CHANGE: Moved 'Copy XPath to selected item' TreeView-ContextMenu-item to ribbon

Release 29-MAR-2012

  • FIX: Open file

Release 23-MAR-2012

  • FIX: Comment out with CtrlAlt7 no longers inserts { on german keyboard layouts
  • FIX: Xsemmel no longer crashes when trying to save a readonly-file
  • NEW: Save with Ctrl+S
  • NEW: Create new file
  • NEW: Splash screen
  • CHANGE: All files will be saved UTF-8 encoded
  • CHANGE: Save no longer asks
  • CHANGE: xml2xsd more userfriendly
  • CHANGE: "Edit file" now called "Edit file externally"
  • CHANGE: Changed icon

Release 17-MAR-2012

  • FIX: WebBrowserView
  • NEW: GridView in FragmentView
  • NEW: TreeView: Collapse all, Expand all
  • NEW: Apply filter to TreeView

Release 11-MAR-2012

  • FIX: Comparing of two files
  • NEW: Improved XSLT
  • NEW: WebBrowser View
  • NEW: XML-foldings in FragmentView

Release 04-MAR-2012

  • NEW: auto-select element under cursor in TreeView
  • NEW: insert current date and time in ISO 8601 format
  • NEW: Comment out selected TreeView item
  • NEW: Rename selected TreeView item

Release 26-FEB-2012

  • CHANGE: Reworked TreeMap
  • NEW: Seach and Replace via XPath
  • NEW: (Un-)Escape XML-Strings

Release 19-FEB-2012

  • NEW: Treemap view
  • NEW: possibility to insert noNamespaceLocation if xsd is selected
  • NEW: GridView: expand all
  • NEW: Added license text (new BSD license) to source and About dialog
  • CHANGE: XmlDiff: 'Current document' compares now the unsaved data from editor
  • CHANGE: 'Generate schema' operates on unsaved data from editor
  • CHANGE: Switched display of line and column of cursor in editor
  • CHANGE: Merged 'XmlTree Fragment View' and 'XSD Fragment View'
  • CHANGE: TreeView operates on unsaved data from editor

Release 05-FEB-2012

  • FIX: opening arbitrary text files
  • FIX: Crash when opening a XML file with an missing XSD specified
  • FIX: GridView refreshes in 'fragment' mode
  • NEW: Installation via setup.exe
  • NEW: copy XSD filepath to clipboard
  • NEW: Bulk XPath processing (works with big XML files as well)
  • NEW: Unescape C# string
  • NEW: open Code Completion with Ctrl+Space
  • NEW: Export syntax highlighting as HTML
  • NEW: XML Diff, new options: "Use current document", "use document in clipboard"
  • CHANGE: SaveAs dialog more user friendly
  • CHANGE: don't insert closing element after </ automatically, instead show proposal box

Release 29-JAN-2012

  • FIX: code completion in combination with xs:extension types
  • FIX: no crash when entering XSD file without prior opened XML
  • FIX: auto-detection of xsd files
  • NEW: XPath is being executed on live document
  • NEW: Docking Framework
  • NEW: Gridview shows actual Editor content (file do not need to be saved)
  • NEW: Copy filename to clipboard
  • NEW: Warning if file is too large to be opened
  • CHANGE: more icons

Release 14-JAN-2012

  • XPath: Jump to the position in editor on click
  • Prettyprint configurable
  • Load XPath from file (see context menu)
  • load non-wellformed xml from clipboard

Release 05-JAN-2012

  • Editor: Bracket matching
  • Editor: Comment out with Strg+7
  • Diff in Three-Pane-View
  • Indent with Tab resp. Shift-Tab
  • Ribbon
  • removed XSD Validation-Tab
  • Editor shows if document was "modified" in statusbar
  • Load XML from URL
  • fixed XSD visualizer
  • Validator: highlight errors

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